COVID19 – Community in Crisis

It’s a hard thing being hired as a new director of an organization only to have worldwide panic ensue shortly thereafter.  Caring for those in need in our community along with our staff & volunteers, all while trying to insure that your organization survives to the other side of the crisis is nothing short of a monumental task.  We will survive this, but like all of you, the ROC must make some changes in order to remain a strong and vital resource for years to come.  I’m writing this to share with you what these changes will entail.

The first change many of you have already felt is the discontinuance of our home food delivery service.  As funding has tightened up we simply could not afford the expense of this service any longer.  We will seek future grant funding to enable us to offer this important resource in the future, but until further notice we have had to discontinue this service.  If you have received this service in the past you will be among the first we contact when and if we are able to resume delivery services.

Next, and with a heavy heart, is the reduction of our regular food distribution days (Thursday & Saturday) from twice weekly to twice monthly.  The COVID19 pandemic has caused us to postpone our Soup for the Soul spring fundraiser which traditionally gave a huge boost to our operational and food expenses.  Many of our volunteers and clients are among those most at risk of exposure to this virus and its damaging effects.  To prepare for this loss and to help insure the health & safety of our staff and volunteers I felt it best to reduce our hours of operation. 

Our monthly food distribution days will take place on the last week of each month (still Thursday & Saturday), timed specifically to meet the shortfall in SNAP benefits that many experience towards the end of the month.  We will however be open from 11am to 5pm on Thursdays and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.  These are longer than our previous hours to try to better serve an anticipated longer line of people.  We have also arranged with the Josephine County Food Bank to have a “pop-up” food box distribution each Tuesday from 11am to 1pm.  This will mean that you can get a pre-prepared box of food essentials directly from the JoCo Food Bank truck, which should be a fairly quick process.

My goal is to continue to raise funds and support in such a way that not only do we return to business as usual as quickly as possible, but to improve upon the best of what we have done!  I strongly believe that people find more dignity from a hand up than a handout.  I deeply appreciate your patience and prayers as we face these trials together. We exist because we believe that Jesus is the one who can see us through and calm every storm!

Luke 8:22-25

Brian Bouteller – Executive Director